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We create a chance for food lovers to travel around Asian countries by indulging in their delicacies offered at Asian Flavor Buffet Dinner organized every Tuesday.
Firstly, let’s visit Japan and awake your palate with its traditional favorites including assorted sushi, green tea, maguro sarada, chawanmushi … Then, we arrive Thailand whose food is spicy but tempting such as grilled beef salad, fish salad, yong gum, seafood curry… To decode the attraction of Vietnamese gastronomy, we may spend more time to indulge in its globally well-known dishes like Ha Noi noodle, sping roll, xeo cake, grilled banana in leaf… Along with these, don’t miss other delectable choices featuring roasted duck in Bejing style, crispy fried pork won ton, wok fried beef medallion with black pepper sauce, grilled station with shrimp, squid, beef, fish… for a perfect dining experience. 

  • Time:             6.30pm, every Wednesday  
  • Venue:          Huong Viet restaurant (main buidling, ground floor) 
  • Ticket price: 600,000 vnd nett per guest 
                          (50% discount for children from 6 to under 12 years old)
  • Contact:        Tel (058) 3820 999 
                           Mr. Ky: 0914 074 387(HP) or fbm@sunrisenhatrang.com.vn 
                           Ms. Nhi: 093 670 36 67(HP) or exec.office@sunrisenhatrang.com.vn

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