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Sky Club

180-degree panoramic views of beautiful Nha Trang Bay

Sky Lounge is an oasis of calm amid the hustle and bustle of city life, with 180-degree panoramic views of beautiful Nha Trang Bay.
A wide selection of popular beverages and tropical cocktails is available, as well as light snacks.



Apply on all cocktails, local or draft beer, served with a daily changing palate pleaser.

Time: Daily | 5 PM – 7 PM
Venue: Sky Club (10th floor)


The Coronarita is a drink that seems to defy gravity. You would expect that, when you flip the beer updside down in your cocktail, the mixture would overflow and spill all over the place. But curiously, it all stays in place. How the Coronarita works has to do with pressure. If you flipped a bottle of Corona upside down normally, the beer would fall out and be replaced inside the bottle by air. But, in a Coronarita, the mouth of the bottle is surrounded by liquid, which prevents air from entering the bottle. The air that is inside the bottle creates pressure that keeps the beer from spilling out into the margarita. But, when you sip on the margarita with a straw, the liquid level in the glass will go down, and the beer inside the bottle will then flow into the glass to make up for the missing liquid.
Enjoy the drink and widen your knowledge at the same time, only at Sunrise Nha Trang Beach Hotel & Spa.

Time: Daily | 11 AM onwards

Venue: Sky Club (10th floor)


  • Coronarita: VND 199,000/glass
  • Tropical Corona Fishbowl: 369,000/glass

FOR RESERVATION: +84 258 3820 999  – +84 914 074 387